Friday, May 28, 2010

What NOT to do? Really?

Yes, there really is a 'what NOT to do' in leadership!

Learning to lead is no easy feat.  Learning what not to do seems to come more naturally.
This blog is dedicated to everyone who has had to deal with a leader (more than likely called a 'boss') who made all the mistakes in the book. 
But where is the book? 
Well, I couldn't find just one.  You can find many leadership books on other just doesn't seem to cut it.

Here is a place to point out the NOT to do's.  I'll even start!  Please comment and add - tell your story ( but leave out names, protect the blogger, please).  I am sure that many people will be able to relate.

Even better - if you can provide tips on how to handle the 'what-NOT-to-do leader' that would be very helpful.

Here are a few to get started:

  1. Dr Jekyl/Mr Hyde: this leader/boss is mean and nasty one day and then overcompensates with false kindness the next because they realized their behavior was inappropriate.  What to do?  Learn to recognize the signs, usually they are taking something else out on you.

  2. Carrot and the Stick or the Stick and the Carrot:  this leader usually makes unfair decisions or judgement calls and then comes back to discuss solutions with you with a coffee or donut hand to share, seemingly attempting to make it all better!  What to do? Ask for the honest explanation, hold them accountable to the decision, you deserve to know the truth.

  3. The Jellyfish:  this is the spineless leader who refuses to make a decision, cause and deal with conflict or simply create an environment for good discussion.  What to do? You can't drown them so attempt to explain how they are affecting the morale of the team.  Do not be a jellyfish yourself, afraid to speak up.

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