Thursday, November 17, 2011


OK people, here is how it works.  You do not need to reply all on every single email. Especially when an email is sent to a group and you have a comment for only one person - then simply reply to the sender or forward to that particular individual.

I have seen it happen where someone will call someone else on the carpet in front of the group by email - not fair, not nice, not even respectful.  If you have something to say, perhaps pick up the phone (imagine that?!) or simply send an email to the party concerned - that way the information, scathing remarks, poor commentary and even profanity stays between the two concerned.  You are doing yourself a disservice by providing your self-righteous and inconsistent comments to the whole group  -  whether this is upward, downward or peer-to-peer....think twice about hitting that reply all.

Even if you are simply acknowledging attendance or giving an LOL not everyone needs to have their email box clogged....just the sender.

How do you handle the "Reply All" dictator in your group?

Monday, November 7, 2011

Sabotage Yourself

No matter how often we plan our day, we seem to overplan and sabotage ourselves.  We find ways to avoid things - confrontation, conflict, making decisions, doing the stuff we don't like to do....and it is all in the name of making sure that we like ourselves in the process. Fact is, we usually don't.  We sabotage ourselves by subscribing to limiting beliefs - I can't do it, I am not good at it, It won't work.....when are we going to stop that?  And how are we going to stop that?  Here are a few tips:
  1. Decide on a maximum number of appointments to have in a day and stick to that number.  If the week fills up, then move onto the next week.
  2. Keep focused on your plan...this will lead you to your goals.  By looking at your task list daily and eliminating the items that do not lead you in the right direction, you will make room in your day and reach your goals faster.
  3. Be confident in your skills.  Find time to develop yourself - read, attend a workshop, participate in a webinar, find a mentor, get a coach (two different people, btw).  As you continue to grow, so will your confidence.
So say it with me now "I will stop sabotaging myself!" 

Go ahead - tell me what else you do to lead yourself better.