Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Buck Acceptor

Is this You?

This is what the Buck Acceptor looks like.  They take everything on.  Bucks get passed or dumped on their desk.  They clean it up.  No matter what it is, where it really belongs or even if it is in their realm of knowledge or responsibility.  They take care of it.
And worse...they become known for this, so everyone just passes it all along here!

If this is your issue STOP IT! 

Go out to your nearest bookstore, or fire up your mouse and get "The One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey" by Ken Blanchard.  I've actually made it even on the underlined title to review the details of the book and then buy it.  It is important - you are NOT a dumping station.  How on earth do you get your work done if you are busy doing everyone else's?  I am sure that you are not getting the credit you deserve for everyone else's work, right? 

Sure - easier said then done.  Well, look at it this way. If you don't get your work done, or if you do get your work done to your minimum standards by working 18 hours a day, something will give.
  • Will it be the minimum standard that you will be happy with forever?  - likely not. 
  • Will it be your family life or health?  You can only burn the candle so far before the wick goes out.
  • Will it be you?  You get fired because your engagement decreases to the point that you no longer care and stop doing anything.
What to do?  Think about it.  Take small measured steps to say no.  Instead of taking on everyone else's 'buck', hand it back with a few ideas or ask them why they are giving it to you to do.  You may need to spend a few minutes teaching them what to do to fix their issue, but then they won't come back to you again.  You will have empowered them to solve their own issues - and you will both feel better about that!

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