Friday, November 5, 2010

A Medical Rant

OK service and leadership go together

So I would think if you were in the medical profession
At one point in your life
You made the decision to follow that path because you wanted to help people.

Well stop it if you are tired of it.

We can hear the exasperation in your voice
When we answer your questions,
That you've asked a million times before
But don't remember because
You failed to read the notes you took.

We can hear the condescension in your voice when you tell us to relax
You know, just because you do a gunk exam 100+ times per year,
I only go through it once a year, and relaxing is not easy.

How about your sarcasm telling me to lose weight?

I am here,

After six months of waiting,

To talk to you about my back injury from a car accident two years ago.

You don't think that I would still be running half marathons if I could actually run for more than 5 minutes without my leg falling asleep?

How about asking how all this happened?

How about getting to know me instead of trying to get me out of your office as fast as possible?

How about not yelling at me because you didn't get all the information from my referring doctor
...and instead of sending them a scathing letter, pick the phone and explain your expectation?

What about if,
because you scheduled me an appointment during a time when I was unavailable,
and even though I told your assistant that,
you still want to charge me,
instead...make room on your calendar for me
....but I guess
I am a number

With a dollar sign in front of it.

If you are tired of dealing with people who are sick,
Having issues,
Need help,
Then stop.

Go do something else that might make you happy.
It's okay to change careers.

We feel bad enough coming see you as it is.

We don't need your attitude to make us feel worse.

If you don't want to help,
to serve any longer
Go find something else to do.

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