Friday, August 19, 2011

No Thank You

Working with a group of people or even one other single person, leaves you with the opportunity to say 'Thank You' at the end of the day, or project/assignment or even for a simple discussion.
The issue is that not many people realize the importance of 'Thank You'.

A friend started at a new job in the last month.  Requested to join the company because of his skill at turning businesses around, he was excited to get started.  Implementing small changes after a period of overview and understanding, he started to host daily meetings with the entire team.  The meeting was short, always started off with something that was positive, gave good information about what was in progress and coming up in the future and always ended with 'Thanks for what you are doing for XXXX in the community.  Work safe.'  He was taken aback when, after the second or third daily meeting a group approached him and said "we have never been thanked before, thank you for making our work worthwhile".  Kind of profound.  Thought I would share.

Think about how you end your day or your time with someone.  How do you say Thank You!?

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