Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Holiday Rush

It really is a blur isn't it.  How the holiday season can come and go so quickly and of course with work piled on top of that, stress can reach it's max.

Imagine the leader who understands balance and that the rush you feel wrapping up year end and the month of December is coupled with the stress of family, gifts, money, parties and more.  This would be the leader who has planned what December can look like for their team by brainstorming what roadblocks could pop up....and more importantly, by clearly identifying 2 things:
  1. the expectations for the month - critical goals and deadlines - far enough in advance so that timelines can coincide and be met
  2. what needs to happen in the first week of January - number of appointments or cold calls, number of meetings, goal numbers, that the team can feel they have a timeframe that extends beyond the season.
Sitting here this week writing this blog, in my business I know people don't want to hear a pitch from me.  I am happy to spread holiday cheer and thank people for thier business, their time and their trust.  I have worked to fill January so that when the time comes, I am focused and back in the game....not still in the rush of trying to start.

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