Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How Not to Inspire Others

  1. Take their ideas for your own, do not give credit
  2. Check up on schedule and agenda daily or more frequently
  3. Miss including someone in a key conversation and then ask for their feedback
  4. Make sure that permission is asked for every step along the way through a project
  5. Fail to plan for succession
  6. Tell people they are on the high-potential list and fail to provide them with anything to develop their potential any further
  7. Never recognize performance
  8. Contradict everything
  9. Be ambiguous describing required results or potential consequences
  10. Squelch creativity and risk-taking
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1 comment:

  1. Looking at #3 and #9 on the list kind of reminds me what is going on with the HRPA and Bill 138 right now.

    While we were informed that the HRPA wanted to update the current HR act, we were never advised of the content before they submitted it to the legislature.

    They have also taken away the second exam for the CHRP designation an put in place an 'experience requirement' which most people find ambiguous.

    If I were to add to your list, I would say 'threatening opposition' as that is what the HRPA has done to anyone that has opposed Bill 138.

    I know it sounds like I hate the HRPA and Bill 138 right now, but that's because I do!