Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Leader in Survival Mode

Here is the leader.  Stuck in the jungle, where it is survival of the fittest.
You are hoping that your leader is the fittest...but unfortunately, on this blog, they are not.
They are in survival mode.
That means that you are the feast.....the one that gets 'sold down the river' or 'fed to the lions' or simply 'hung out to dry'.  This leader, mouth wide open, is always looking for a scapegoat so that they can go about their business unscathed.
What to do?  Make sure that you take notes of conversations, including dates and outcomes  - you need to protect yourself - sort of like camouflage.  Also, where possible, copy the leader's boss on things that are of interest, especially where you know the cc:  started at the beginning of the email chain.  Lastly, always be respectful of the leader - no matter what, they still have your fate in their hands.

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